Our materials

Excellence in manufacturing needs the best product. Gi.otto living sofa works with the best Italian and European suppliers in order to keep the highest quality standard.

Upholstery Furniture is an experience that involves all senses, not only vision matters, touch and hearing and scent also participate in creating the DESIGN MADE IN ITALY sofas experience.

Gi.otto living sofa collaborates with its customers and suppliers to select the best materials to tailor the most suitable solution in sofa furniture.

Real Leather

Gi.otto’s sofas are made of a prestigious selection of the best Italian Natural leathers’ collections

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Eco Leather

Our Eco Leathers use the innovative High Scratch Resistance: An eco leather series, that offers highest resistance to abrasion, particularly adapt for houses with pets or public places.

Available two print options: Alfa and Gamma


Our fabrics conjugate fashion and technologies.

Hydro Care: This treatment uses Teflon technology, internationally recognized as a hydro repellent: liquids do not penetrate the fibers of the fabric, allowing an easy removal of liquid stains.

Available for fabrics: Galla, Wolf Jazz, Swing, Roma e Capri, Munich and Vegas.


Easy to Clean: This treatment allows an easy removal of stains only with water. Even if the stains are absorbed, it is sufficient to wet the fabric with water and rub lightly with a cloth to remove them (even ink, chocolate, etc.)

Available for fabrics: Gobi, Mundo Rock e Shore


Anti Stain: This treatment has the characteristic of creating a slight water repellency effect that allows to remove liquid-based stains if you act quickly.

Available for fabrics: Atlantic, New bronx, Pacifico


Cromia: Series of fabrics made in Italy with natural materials – cotton and linen – decorated with fine patterns.

This collection concept is to combine high quality fabrics, natural leather and import fabrics, combined in sophisticated color cards.