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Corner and modular sofas

When furnishing our home we often ask ourselves how to improve our spaces and create ideal solutions for our comfort. In order to do this there are two possible solutions, a custom-made sofa, made on the basis of our needs and our spaces or a modular sofa.

If we choose the first solution we could boast our living room with an exclusive and unique sofa set, but surely the price of a completely customized sofa may not be affordable for everybody. By following our facebook or instagram page, you will be able to see and appreciate some living furnishing projects that adapt to the living rooms where they are placed, their angles and sizes follow.

A solution that is certainly more affordable but that does not give up on the aesthetics and respect for the proportions of your home is the modular sofa.

These are models made up of three basic elements, such as the two lateral elements and the connecting element, also called the central corner which can be completed by elements that offer style and comfort, such as the panoramic terminal (a part of the sofa without armrests that protrude alongside) or the Chaise longue, an element with armrest and greater depth to be able to stretch the legs.

Gi.otto Living sofa, has been offering this type of solutions for some time, in its models, Hera, Argos, Alexie, Ambre. The maximum expression of modularity and adaptability has been achieved with the Felyne, Fiorello and Taos lounges, which offer the possibility of choosing from a wide range of dimensions both in the central elements and in the lateral and terminal elements.

This flexibility and richness of solutions has been taken up in the brand new collection of SOGNO and MORFEO modular sofas, which also have the advantage of ensuring a large seat, which allows you to create a bed without adding heavy and sometimes expensive mechanisms.

The main advantages of a modular sofa are:

  1. Optimize your spaces

These kinds of sofa set are adaptable for filling huge living rooms and small spaces as well.

  1. Relax and Socialization

With these sofas you can play with shapes, creating L-shaped or U shaped sofa set, suitable for moments of relaxation, since they give the opportunity to stretch your legs or lie down. Furthermore you can create moments of socialization, being able to accommodate all family members, friends and guests.

  1. Improve spaces

As mentioned above, the style of your sofa is an element to be taken into consideration. A modular corner sofa will enhance the environment in which it is placed. You need to put attention to the choice that will be made, if it is “cumbersome” in the room in which it is placed; it is because it is not suitable for the style of the room. For example, in a room with a contemporary style, with a few touches of color and minimal lines needs a sofa with neutral colored fabrics, such as black or gray for example. 

  1. Fill big living rooms

The classic corner sofas want a lot of space compared to the simple ones. The sizes may vary, usually ranging from a minimum of two seats, with a chaise longue on the shorter side. The area where it will be placed will be more welcoming, in particular in the center of a large room in a loft for example, or in studios so as to create a separate environment. It must be taken into account that the natural completion of the corner sofas and the classic small table, placed in front, with a carpet underneath it. 

     5. Versatility

This is their main feature, versatility. The corner sofas are large, welcoming, deep and functional. The possible combinations of modular elements are manifold, not only for the seating modules, also for the chaise lounges, the small tables to be placed in the corner or at the end of the side, the stools, the armrests and the sofa bed. Just choose style and sizes based on how you spend your free time and a range of possible combinations will open.

 A modular sofa is at the end of the day an affordable solution for your living room that can easily be adapted to the spaces of your home.

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