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Does the perfect sofabed exist?

Often, when buying a sofa, you look for the bed option, often without knowing why.

In reality, a sofa bed can be an ideal solution to solve many problems or to furnish rooms by optimizing spaces.

In our daily contact with clients and consumers, we individuated the main reasons for preferring a sofa bed instead of a traditional couch or sofa set:

  • Small house and consequent problems in managing spaces.
  • Need to host friends or relatives from time to time but not to have extra rooms available;
  • Having an extra bed in the children’s room, so that they can invite friends or cousins for one night;
  • Want to optimize costs, buy two products in one;
  • For owners of apartments for short term rent purpose through popular platforms such as AirBnb or Booking, a sofa bed can be a way of expanding the offer, increasing the availability of beds if necessary or in the case of fewer guests, providing comfortable space for relaxation.

Before choosing a sofa bed, it is important to analyze the use that you want to make of it, to choose the best option among the many on the market. 

If you intend to use it every day as a bed, it must be comfortable and easy to open / close. When you are tired and want to go to sleep you must be able to do it quickly and without stress! A sofa with folding mechanism in this case is a particularly suitable solution. The Gi.otto Living Sofa collection includes 5 models to choose from: Arianne, Marianne, Mariuccia, Margherita and Betta available in different sizes.

If instead you intend to use it occasionally as a bed and daily as a sofa, it’s crucial that it is a comfortable sofa. Our Hera, Argos, Ambre, Alexie, Caroline and many other models from the Gi.otto Living sofa collection offer remarkable comfort and have mechanisms as options, These mechanisms are practically invisible because they are hidden in the structure.

Models such as Felyne, Filippo, Fiorello and Taos have a mattress, which comes out from under the seat. This option is particularly convenient for the speed with which the sofa turns into a bed and the price is very interesting.

There are many people who do not like mechanisms in their sofa set, Gi.otto Living Sofa also has a solution for them. Morfeo and Sogno models have a very deep seat and the back with flying cushions allows you to create a comfortable bed simply by removing the back cushions. An ideal solution for lovers of afternoon naps.

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