GI.OTTO LIVING SOFA launches the new website

Gi.otto Living Sofa is boosting further its communication channels with customers and fans through its web portal.
In recent years many things have happened in Gi.otto Living sofa, we have expanded modeling, improved technologies and processes, added new materials to our collection of real leathers and fabrics and we felt the need to communicate it more effectively to the our audience.
The main new features in the website are related to the presentation of the products, we have multiplied the pages dedicated to the models and included .pdf files with measures and technical characteristics for an easier consultation and download. A real online catalog that can be consulted anywhere.
We have further improved integration and synergy with social media. Indeed, our instagram, facebook, linkedIn and Pinterest profiles are directly accessible from our website.
As everyone knows, creating a paper catalog or a brochure can take some time, through our profiles in social networks we aim to make communication more immediate and receive indications, appreciation and criticism directly from our consumers and also feature all the news in terms of living rooms, sofas, new projects and materials.
The COVID-19 crisis has further boosted this project. The limitations imposed by the crisis on physical displacements have pushed us to expand our digital communication channels to be able to give a better insight into our business reality, our work, our values ​​and mostly all the news from the Gi.otto Living sofa world. The company BLOG you are reading goes in this direction.
We are convinced that a better daily communication with our commercial partners can bring benefits both to our company and to the operators, traders and representatives with whom we have being collaborating for years.

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