Leather or fabric? This is the main dilemma of those approaching the purchase of the sofa!

If you are among those who answered “leather”  to this question or are about to buy a leather sofa, it is important to know the nature of this material, which has the undoubted advantage of being highly hygienic and always fashionable.

From the observations on the nature of the leather itself, we can deduce that a leather sofa is a living element. Over time it will undergo slight changes, due to the life of the furniture itself. It is for this reason that it is very important to know how to perform good periodic maintenance of the leather sofa, in order to keep longer your leather couch or leather sofa set.

When placing the leather sofa in the room, it is not advisable to bring it too close to heat sources, nor in direct exposition with sunlight. The leather would dry out too much and become damaged.

Ordinary maintenance can be done every day with a dry or slightly wet cloth.

To keep the leather soft there are specific products, easily available in the retail network. These are maintenance kits for leather. They come in the form of ready-to-use wipes, or individual bottles of solutions to be spread with a soft cloth. The most effective products for this type of operation are based on the 3 in 1 formula, which allows, with a single application, to cleanse, moisturize and protect the leather of the sofa, leaving an invisible protective film.

It is crucial to use specific for leather products and instead avoid aggressive detergents that could ruin the grain of the skin and affect its surface.

With these little tricks, your living room will maintain its natural beauty for a long time.

In the event of minor accidents such as tears or scratches, which can always happen, it is important to request the intervention of a specialized technician, seek a suggestion from the dealer who supplied the sofa set and avoid DIY solutions.

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